Unboxing the Tankless Pressure Pump 750 | Components and Overview


Today we’re going to be talking about the Tankless Pressure Pump 750. In your kit, you’ll find 20 feet of solar extension wire, a Tankless Pressure Pump 750 manual, battery jumper connection cables necessary to wire up your battery bank, a set of Y connectors used to help string up solar panels, and a roll of teflon tape, helpful for making those watertight connections. Now onto the big stuff! We have our Tankless Pressure Pump 750 in its own box and you’ll get the Tankless Pressure Pump 750 Controller. 

So let’s start off by opening the Tankless Pressure Pump 750. Inside, you’ll find your Tankless Pressure Pump 750 and a hook tool to help prime from the top of the Tankless Pressure Pump. Next, let’s take a look at the main components of the TPP 750. Here we have our 1 ¼” threaded female inlet and then we have our 1” threaded female outlet. This is the Tankless Pressure Pump 750 priming screw and on the front you have your screen with your press-able buttons and settings for the Tankless Pressure Pump itself. The TPP750 comes adapted with a power cord suitable for either 110 or 240 AC operation.

Next up, let’s take a look at the TPP750 controller. Your TPP750 controller is responsible for taking the incoming power coming from the solar panels and the battery bank and converting it into either 110 or 240 AC for your respective pump. Going over the components of the controller, here on this side we have our positive and negative male and female connectors for our solar panels. This is where you’ll tie in your solar panel array to provide solar powered juice for the controller. In the center here, we have pre-wired our battery cables, which are going to go onto the two ends of our overall battery bank along with the breaker for a safe installation.

On the side of the controller here is the power toggle switch, located just underneath the solar panel array connections. This is going to turn the controller power on and output juice for your pump . Finally, we have the connection cord which will correspond with the male connection off of your Tankless Pressure Pump. Your TPP750 pump and controller are both compatible with 240 AC input. The pump can either be run directly off of AC without the aid of the controller or you can wire in AC power directly into the control box unit to help supply power to your pump and your batteries. 

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