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Call or Text RPS Solar Pumps

94% of ranchers that switched to
Solar Pumps this year said they
won’t ever go back

Switching to solar pumping wins back an average of 2 days
per month and $1500 bucks per season.

Join thousands of other ranchers that are putting the sun
to work and switching their pumps to solar.

America’s #1 Most Popular Solar-Powered Well Pump Systems

Got plenty of water – your product is great pumping more than 300 gallons per hour cows are happy and everyone is impressed. Thank you.
Daniel, TX

I have replaced 3 windmill pumps with these RPS systems and I don’t have to worry about them no more. Been working for almost 2 years.
John, CA

No more hauling water! This system is working great for us and has saved me from having to haul water. Again Thanks.
– Andy L, CO

Solar Pump vs. Windmill vs. Grid-tied
Average New Pump Install Popularity in USA

* Over half of cattle ranches over 200 head are using solar

“I’m sick of the power company jacking up their prices – adding more ‘design’ fees, install fees and service fees every year.” – Joe, CA

“I live in an area where there is lots of outdated windmills that don’t pump enough water to water livestock correctly!” – Brian, NE

Got a windmill? Size a solar pump for the well then ask about our popular Windmill Conversion kit. 

Start by sizing a pump to your well and water needs..

Our team helps thousands of ranchers every year find the right size solar pump system, and then how to prepare for your install. We love talking livestock and water. Click here, or if you prefer to call us directly, 910-401-3232 and ask for a Free Ranch Water Survey.

RPS Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it.

livestock solar water pump

America’s #1 Most Popular

“★★★★★” and 97%

RPS has become USA’s most trusted name in solar pumping with regional offices around the country. Now with pumps installed in all US states, we remain steadfast in our commitment to every customer and the humans, plants and animals our pumps serve.

Industry Leading

Lifetime Value, Water Assurance, Warranty Coverage, Dedicated Engineering Support

RPS Water Assurance™ guarantees you’ll have the right pump before you install!

Click to size online or call 888-637-4493


  1. Be a company our Grandfathers would have trusted. The trend of ‘outsourcing’ customer support after the sale is a trend we wholeheartedly oppose. We are an American, family run company and our USA engineers support you before and after the sale.
  2. No sales pressure. Ever. Nobody in the company is paid on commission. We think this is important. Their role is to make sure they find the right pump for you and your well. If we don’t have a pump that will suit your needs, we will help you find a solution elsewhere. Our job is to help get you water.
  3. Reliable Water. All manufactured products have occasional issues and we can’t claim to be perfect. However, we are proud of a near perfect track record in getting our customers water. This starts with selling a pump sized for your usage with our Water Assurance Plan and promptly addressing warranty issues to get you up and pumping again quickly.
  4. Give you the power! When you control your ability to pump water out of the ground, whether that is in the field or at home, it makes you more resilient and independent. We are here to help educate you about solar water pumping and our systems over the phone, with our manual, and our great videos online, so you can install yourself. Take control of your water supply today.
  5. Fight for the American rancher. RPS is a David & Goliath story of a small American company fighting against a big European pump corporation that cares more about profits then the longevity of their pumps and the sky-high price for ranchers. Thanks to all our customers for the support of small business vs. foreign corporations trying to profit off some of the hardest working people in our great nation.

The RPS Team

Announce your Retirement from Climbing
Windmills, Running Generators and Hauling Water.
Put the Sun to Work on your Land with RPS.

RPS Water Assurance Plan™

Ensure you have the right pump, parts, and tools for a fast and successful install.


Well casing diameter of 3” or more

Good southern exposure

Continue if YES to both


  • Water usage, depth to water in well, tank
  • Average 2 minutes to complete


  • Phone call to verify pump sizing
  • Volume & head calculations



  • Phone call to review install diagrams
  • Question, Tools and equipment checklist



  • Order your new RPS pump kit
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Buy Now

More than 10 wells on your ranch? Schedule a Free RPS Ranch Water Survey™ with one of our lead Ranch-Water Engineers. Click here to schedule. Printable Ranch Water Worksheet.

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