High Volume Irrigation from a Creek

We love when customers are able to use a readily available water resource on their property, like a creek or river. Our Pro Irrigation Surface Pumps provides bang-for-your-buck high rate of flow and can ramp up to 45 PSI to match a variety of irrigation (sprinklers/drip/soaker hoses) or water movement needs. Keep in mind that the pump itself should not be submerged. If your creek bank floods in the wintertime, either build a platform or move the system seasonally. A foot valve (A) suctions water from the creek. Maximum suction lift is 25 feet, our engineers recommend placing the pump within 20 linear feet of the water source. The pump is wired directly to our RPS Pro Controller (B), ensuring MPPT maximum efficiency and variable speed control. Integrating a reverse action pressure switch and irrigation timer (C) automates watering cycles and helps prevent deadheading the pump ( pumping into a closed line).     

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