Solar Well Pump to Pond

A textbook submersible pump install for watering livestock!

Pump sizing will be determined by the amount of water you are looking to generate and your Total Pump Head. Your Total Pump Head is the Static Water Level (how far down to the top of the water) plus any rise in elevation from the well to the intended destination plus frictional losses over a horizontal distance.


Ranchers commonly place their cisterns right next to the well, or within 20 feet meaning the only number needed to size a pump is the static water level. However, if the well is low producing (5 GPM or less), or seasonally draws down we’ll need to take those change in water level into consideration.


If pumping into a storage tank, add on the height of the storage tank, usually 8-10 feet. If pumping from a water source other than a well, we just need the total lift, distance and pipe size(if you already have a pipeline set up). If pumping directly into a pressure tank, add 2.31ft per psi of pressure. Most tanks are 40-60psi so we roughly add 100-120ft onto the static to calculate the total head. More at



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