How Do I Convert My Electric Water Pump To Solar

Hey, this is Mike with RPS solar pumps. We’ve got a lot of solar questions over the last couple of months. Today, I want to go through those and answer some of the most common questions.

Today’s question is, “How do I change my electrical water pump to solar?”

So, if you’ve already installed or have an existing AC pump, there’s a couple of different options we can use to convert it over to solar. The first option is, we have a direct-drive Pro System Conversion Kit. So that will take a three-wire pump and it will convert it over to solar. So, the way you can tell if you have a three-wire submersible pump is you’ll have a starting box, that’s the starting box with a few capacitors, maybe a little electrical switch in there that the pump wires go into and then the AC also goes into. What our Pro Controller can do is we can remove that starting box and put the Pro Controller in its place along with a bunch of solar panels.

That’s going to take the solar energy and it’s going to direct drive that submersible pump converting it over to solar power. The best thing about that controller is it has AC input. So you can also put your 220 volt AC into that controller and it’s going to automatically prioritize solar. But when the sun goes down or it’s a cloudy day, it’ll automatically switch to AC as backup.That’s going to maximize the amount of solar and the savings you’re going to get running that system.

Our second option is what we call the WaterSecure system. Now, this is great for off-grid applications. Maybe you don’t have AC, but if you do have AC, it also works with that. What’s great about this system is it has battery backup, so it can run at night and it can run on cloudy days when the sun may not be as bright. This will also convert both your three-wire and your two-wire pumps. So if you have a smaller pump and you don’t have the starter box at the surface, no problem. This system can run 110 volt pumps and 220 volt pumps.

So for a majority of the time when it’s cloudy or at night, you’re going to be running on batteries. But if you have AC available, the great news is, if your batteries get too discharged, it’s going to shut off the battery power and it’s going to start running on AC. You can also use that AC to recharge your batteries if the sun hasn’t shined for a few days. So this is great for household water systems where you need water on-demand and maybe the direct drive system just might not work for you. The WaterSecure system also works with generators, so if your system goes low, you can go out, fire up the generator and charge it all up.

We’ll size your system appropriately for both the Pro System and the WaterSecure system, then you won’t have to rely on utility or generator power. But don’t worry if you need any help, give us a call at 888-637-4493. We can look at your exact pump and help you figure out which system is going to be the perfect one to convert it over to solar.

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