Stainless Steel Well Seal: A Game-Changer for Your Solar Water Pumping System

We’ve been working on a fantastic innovation to the traditional well system- our RPS stainless steel well seal. Let’s dive into why this plumbing gem is the perfect choice for your solar well.

What’s the Deal with Well Seals?

Well seals are used at the top of a well casing, mostly in warmer climates where freezing isn’t an issue. The well seal has a couple of important jobs:

  1. It holds the drop pipe in place, keeping the well pump off the bottom of the well where sand and other gunk can accumulate.
  2. It acts as a sanitary seal, protecting your well from contamination by critters, bugs, and nasty chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides.

With all the weight of the pump, cabling, and drop pipe, the well seal needs to be strong enough to support hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

The Old-School Well Seals: Plastic and Cast Iron

Traditionally, well seals were made of either plastic or cast iron. Plastic ones aren’t the best choice because they don’t hold up well in sunlight, and they’re not strong enough to support the weight of your pump system. Cast iron well seals can be either bare metal or galvanized, but both kinds have a nasty habit of rusting, which can cause the bolts to seize over time. When the bolts rust, it might not seem like a big deal at first. But it actually forces you to cut around the well casing to remove the rusted cap. This can be tricky, and there’s a real risk of accidentally cutting the drop pipe or rope, which could seriously damage your well.

Introducing Our Shiny Stainless Steel Well Seal

That’s where our RPS stainless steel well seal comes in! We’ve created a well seal that’s not only good-looking but also highly functional. It’s available in three sizes: 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch. These well seals have a stainless steel top plate, bottom plate, screws, and vent, as well as a sanitary seal that expands to help seal up your well casing.

Advantages of stainless steel well seals

  • They’ll last for years without rusting, so you can count on them to keep your well protected.
  • The bolts won’t corrode, which means your well seal won’t get stuck.
  • With various sizes available and more (including 8-inch coming soon) in the works, there’s a perfect fit for every well.
  • Our stainless steel well seals now come standard with our Turnkey Kits when ordering a 4-inch, 5-inch, or 6-inch size. You can also buy them separately if you’re looking to upgrade your current well seal.

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