Solar Well Pump Kit Intro

RPS 200/400/600/800 Solar Well Pump Kit. Includes Submersible well pump, controller, sensors, solar panels and all necessary accessories.

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hi Mike with rps solar pumps here today I’m gonna give you a quick overview of our RPS 200 to 800 complete solar well pump kits we take a look in the box start off with our submersible solar well pump featuring stainless steel build quality the other major component of our kit is our solar controller this takes the solar power in and runs the pump off of it then we get into our accessories everybody gets a very detailed user manual walking the beginner and professional through the installation steps all of our systems feature low well sensors and tankful sensors to prevent the well from running dry and prevent the tank from overflowing we supply high quality solar cable in order to hook up your solar panels which are mono crystalline hundred watt panels up to your controller the last part of the kit are the accessories to make your installation go easier we include splice kits for both your well pump to extend off the wire and for your sensor wire we include hose Barb’s to help make your connection to poly pipe much simpler

include controller mounting screws and ground clamps and a spare pumping mechanism RPS solar pumps is one of the only well pumps that is field repairable the case your water production error decreases it’s very simple to change out the pumping mechanism and go back to your peak performance so as you can see here’s our basic kit with panels as well and then we also have a full line of top of pole mounts and so what we’re gonna do in this video series is we’re gonna walk through some of the features of the kits some of the components of the kits and then we’re gonna walk you through a basic installation to help you understand how to set up and operate your solar wall pump.

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RPS is a family-owned company of laser-focused mechanical, electrical and software engineers that live and breathe solar pumping almost every hour of every day. We have sales offices in a number of states now, but our main shop has moved to an Ag town in California (we do get poked fun of for this!) and our warehouse to move there shortly. We put great time, money and thought into our kits – including parts and components to make installation a breeze. Our reading materials, manuals, videos and diagrams allow customers of all skill levels to install a solar pump successfully the first time. As has become famous, we also offer a direct line to talk with real humans! ..our actual pump engineers for asking questions, helping troubleshoot, or planning for installation.

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