DIY Solar Panel Mount

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Why spend thousands on solar panel mounting when there are simple options available at your big box home improvement stores? Great for both large and small panels alike. Find more details about this simple DIY mount at:

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Mike with RPS Solar Pumps here.

One of the most common questions we get with
the larger systems is, “how do I mount my


So there’s a couple of different options you
have there.

You can go with commercial, off-the-shelf

That’s gonna be a bit more expensive and sometimes
a little bit cost-prohibitive.

What we have here is our 1600 Watt solar array

It features 16 100 Watt solar array panels,
and this is built with all parts from Home


We call it our “Home Depot Mount.”

It’s four panels across and four panels wide.

This same mount works if you’re using much
larger panels.

You just don’t have to bolt as many down to
the frame.

It features a fixed angle that’s appropriate
for this area.

So the angle is based on two things.

One is your latitude.

So if you look up your latitude, there’s simple
tables online and at we

can figure out the appropriate fixed angle
for maximum efficiency throughout the year.

The other thing is you want to face the solar
array south.

So in our location, this is due south.

And it’s not magnetic south, it is true south.

Back behind here, you have vertical posts,
both in the back and the front.

We set the front height appropriate for this

So here we don’t get too many tall weeds and
so we didn’t have to go very high.

We’re about a foot and a half off the ground.

If you’re in an area that has taller weeds
— you know, three to four feet tall — you’re

probably going to want to go a little bit
taller, or just come out here and spray or

mow every once in a while in order to take
care of the weeds.

On either side of the array, we have a top
bar that is either welded or bolted to the

vertical posts.

And then we use these long steel channels
all the way that are preconfigured with holes.

These are a available at Home Depot and other
big box stores.

We’ll have a link below you can go check out
and find these design plans in order to build

this yourself.

The beauty of this system: it only costs a
couple of hundred bucks for everything in

order to set it up.

that includes the concrete in order to secure
the posts, the vertical fence posts, the rails,

the bolts, the washers.

All of that can be acquired in your area for
a few hundred dollars.

that makes it much cheaper than going out
and procuring a commercially available mount.

so we really like this design It’s very simple.

It’s very quick to set up.

This mount was set up in about a day with
two people.

So if you want the plans, check it out below

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